10 dental Curiosities to take you a smile

curiosidades dentales
Our dentists in L'Hospitalet de Llobregat count you some dental curiosities very surprising. How many know?

They exist a lot of dental curiosities, some of them very surprising and that look lie. But, also they are very useful to know better our teeth and know take care them of the correct form. From Dental Centre The Torrassa count you some that expect that they take a smile. Or two. ;)


How much know your teeth?

  1. The hardness of the dental enamel only is surpassed by the diamond.
  2. The dentition works the same that the footprint dactilar, is totally only, there is not two equal.
  3. Each tongue also is only, is composed by 17 muscles and at the same time is the most flexible muscle and stronger of the body.
  4. Some babies are born already with teeth, and is that, from the 6 months of pregnancy, these begin to form in the interior of the encías.
  5. There are adults that have some teeth of milk, since no always fall . It can be by different motives, as that do not exist one definite that can replace it.
  6. In the dental plate can find, of average, more than 300 different species of bacteria.
  7. The dental pieces are formed by calcium, mineral salts and phosphorus.
  8. To the day produce in our mouth of 1 to 2 litres of saliva. In all our life could produce until 34.000 litres.
  9. It calculates that we spend some 90 days of our life brushing us the teeth.
  10. Dream with the loss of teeth is related with living stages of anxiety or stress.
How many of these dental curiosities knew? As you see, our mouth is full of secrets, but our dental professionals are expert in this field and no escapes them any. It loves us indagar on the details hid of the smiles!

We have a multidisciplinary squad that will be able to help you in all what need in our dental clinic in L'Hospitalet de Llobregat. It asks your date!
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