In what consists a bichectomía?

It discovers all what need to know on the bichectomía. Our experts count you how is the intervention and the postoperatorio.
The bichectomía is a treatment of aesthetic surgery mínimamente invasivo that allows us extract the stock exchanges fats of Bichat that find just under the cheeks. THANKS TO the extirpation of this adipose tissue the patient will have a thinner face, stylized and with the most clear-cut cheekbones.

Thus, from our aesthetic clinic in Hospitalet de Llobregat want to give you all the information on this treatment so that you know it to the detail.

What is a bichectomía?

Before counting you how is the intervention and the postoperatorio, want to stand out that these stock exchanges do not have any function in the adults more than endowing of volume to the face.

There are a lot of people that thinks that this type of treatments is alone for women, but there are a lot of men that subject to him and finish loved with the results. The intervention consists in doing an incision in each side of the mouth to be able to extract the stock exchanges fats. This treatment requires of local anaesthesia, but if the patient requests it can calm him. It is a procedure that does not leave any mark since the incisions do in the internal part of the mouth.

One of the most important appearances of the bichectomía is to follow carefully the indications of the specialists, since the mouth is very liable to suffer infections by different bacteria.

How improve the postoperatorio of the extraction of balls of Bichat?

The postoperatorio is not uncomfortable, since you will be able to follow going to work and making your daily activities. Some factors of the postoperatorio that take are:
  • During the 24 following hours to the intervention only will be able to ingerir liquids.
  • When it spend the effect can that we feel a light ache. You do not concern you, it is totally common.
  • The cheeks will inflame a bit during the following days, but is normal. We can use ice to go down the swell.
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