Consequences of the bruxismo in your oral and general health

Consecuencias del bruxismo
The bruxismo affects your life of diverse forms, also generating aches associated, like the cervicalgia or the cefalea. Today we explain you all the consequences of the bruxismo in your health.
You raise you daily with headache or cervical? If it is a daily situation in your life, the most likely is that you suffer of bruxismo.

It is one of the most common pathologies that exist, that affects to 20% of the population and that is used to to be originated by the stress or the anxiety. The main characteristic is the rechinamiento of teeth, especially during the hours of sleep. But, which are the consequences of the bruxismo in your oral and general health? Our dentists of Centre Dental The Torrassa today will explain you all the necessary.

Consequences of the bruxismo, how affects you?

In the first place, we will remember you what is the bruxismo. It treats of a disorder in which, of unaware way, tighten or rechinas the teeth, preventing the relaxation of the jaw. It can treat of bruxismo nocturnal (in the hours of sleep) or diurnal (less frequent, what are awake).

This additional pressure exerted on the dentition and the muscle of the jaw comports serious results in your oral and general health, depending of the degree of severity of your pathology. The consequences of the bruxismo more usual are the dental wear, the increase of the sensibility in the teeth and inflammation of encías.

Dolores associated of the bruxismo

In addition to the consequences of the bruxismo mentioned, this pathology can generate you one overburdens in the articulation temporomandibular or ATM. This articulation is the attendant to connect the inferior jaw to the skull.
This additional tension that sucede during the bruxismo extends until the head and the collar, producing you cervicalgias and cefaleas. A lot of people that suffer of this disorder also have manifested to feel ache in the jaw, hearings and even annoyances to open the mouth and chew.

Treatment in L'Hospitalet de Llobregat

It does not exist a preventive treatment for this oral anomaly, although yes to reduce his impact in your oral and general health by means of the splint of download: some moulds made to your measure that will plant you during the hours of sleep. Like this, you will avert the crash among your teeth and will be able to release tension.

If we have described some of the annoyances with which wake you or that suffer along the day, do not doubt in attending to Centre Dental The Torrassa in L'Hospitalet de Llobregat. In addition to improving your oral health, will reduce the aches associated and will be able to rest better. It asks date. - Diseño de paginas - Guia comercial de el prat

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