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Dolor de cabeza y problemas bucales
It hurts you the head? The response can find in the health of your mouth. It discovers the relation that exists among the headache and the buccal problems. 
Headache and buccal problems, which relation exists among them? 

If you are liable to suffer migraines and headaches, can that the response to this ailment was in the health of your oral cavity. This type of conditions is used to to originate by the muscular tension, what affects also to the facial muscles. This group has special importance in the apparition of some types of cefaleas, especially the related with the jaw. From our Dental Centre in L'Hospitalet de Llobregat go to explain you which relation exists among the headache and the buccal problems.

Headache and buccal problems, causes and consequences.

When being an unknown connection for a lot of people, is usual not giving with the ideal remedy for the cefalea or migraine. By this motive, the convenient is to visit to your dentist when you suffer of usual aches and do not know his origin.
The main buccal problems related with headaches are:


Or rechinamiento of teeth. An unaware response, usually produced while you sleep, that has harmful consequences for your health bucodental, since it causes the wear of the enamel. The bruxismo ocasiona headache by overburdens it to which see exposed the facial muscles, in addition to being the possible trigger of other aches in the jaw, hearing, collar and shoulders.

Disorders of the articulation temporomandibular (ATM)

The problems of maloclusión or injuries in the articulation temporomandibular can cause ache and disorders causantes of strong migraines.

This articulation is the responsible that you can move the jaw upwards, down and to the sides, by what is a key element in the tasks to speak, chew or yawn.

Sinusitis Maxillary

Surely you have suffered sinusitis maxillary during some cold. This infection characterises for causing sensibility in the cheekbones and in the area that surrounds the eyes and, although the most common cause was a constipado, also can have his origin in the oral cavity: the occlusion of the hearts paranasales can be due to an extraction of dental pieces, presence of cysts or by an illness periodontal.

From Dental Centre The Torrassa recommend you attend to a review with the dentist if the cefalea persists. The relation of the headache and the problems bucodentales is, as you have been able to check, quite narrow, by what the best is averiguar what before the origin of this ailment. It asks date without commitment! - Diseño de paginas - Guia comercial de el prat

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