Councils and news on odontology

It finds the most frequent doubts, councils and the last novelties and news on dental and buccal health

In what consists a bichectomía?

It discovers all what need to know on the bichectomía. Our experts count you how is the intervention and the postoperatorio.
carillas dentales

It enjoys of your smile thanks to the carillas dental

It discovers the more effective and fast option to improve the appearance of your smile. It knows our treatment of carillas dental in Hospitalet de Llobregat. 
Plasma rico en plaquetas

Rich plasma in platelets for the osseous regeneration

In our dental clinic in L'Hospitalet have the last technology in osseous regeneration and of the soft tissues: the rich plasma in platelets.
Peligros de la periodontitis

Which are the dangers of the periodontitis for the organism?

The dangers of the periodontitis affect to the general health and can worsen or be the origin of illnesses sistémicas. It discovers how treat it.
curiosidades dentales

10 dental Curiosities to take out you a smile

Our dentists in L'Hospitalet de Llobregat count you some dental curiosities very surprising. How many know?
beneficios de la ortodoncia

The 4 profits of the orthodontics for your smile

The treatment ortodóncico presents a lot of more advantages for your smile in addition to the aesthetic improvement. It knows the profits of the orthodontics.
cuidados tras una extracción dental

5 Cares after a dental extraction that need to know

It concerns you the post-operatorio of an exodoncia? Calm. We offer you some simple cares after a dental extraction that will minimise all type of annoyances.
salud bucodental en Navidad

3 Councils to take care your health bucodental in Navidad

In the dates navideñas, your smile can see affected negatively because of the alimentary excesses. We count you how take care your health bucodental in Navidad.

Dental implants

We answer to the most common questions on the dental treatment of implants.
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