Why to our small patients does not give them fear come to the dentist?

miedo venir al dentista


Feel fear when you have to visit to the dentist is, alas, of the most usual. We understand it! It scares the possible ache and be only in the clinic, exposed, with somebody that do not know… does not generate some surroundings of confidence! How it went to be of another way in the case of the boys?

As we have to say that to our small patients does not give them fear come to dentist! In it Centre Dental The Torrassa, in addition to qualified professionals, will find a human and warm deal. So much in the case of boys as of adults, loves us do you feel as home, concern us by you.

How we combat the fear to come to the dentist?

For us it is essential to do you feel comfortable. In the case of the boys, especially, created some sure surroundings in which they can express freely with qualified personnel that enjoys the company of sin them, and this notes !

It is important that the youngest patients seat comfortable and trust the personnel of the clinic that are attending them. Explain them what go to do, why is necessary and treat them like equal. In definite: generate an environment of mutual confidence in which, with the medical squad, are comfortable and relaxed. Act by force and when the boy is not poised, can suppose a shrinking in the bond generated.


Odontopediatría In The Torrassa

Take care the oral health of the small, from his birth until the adolescence, is essential. By this motive, in Centre Dental The Torrassa have a specific area of odontopediatría, the speciality that takes care of the oral health of our children.

Our experts will commission to explain them guidelines of basic hygiene, so that they are the own boys of independent way those who commission to brush his dentition, reeducar in the harmful habits in which they can incur or detect of possible precocious form anomalies that can require of orthopaedics dentofacial and avert main problems when they grow. Your son needs a review? You do not doubt in calling us, promise you that it will not go back him to give fear come to the dentist.
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