Which are the dangers of the periodontitis for the organism?

Peligros de la periodontitis
The dangers of the periodontitis affect to the general health and can worsen or be the origin of illnesses sistémicas. It discovers how treat it.
Many times we do not loan the sufficient attention to a sangrado of encías, and the true is that the illness periodontal can come accompanied of a series of risks and repercussions in the general health. From our dental clinic in Hospitalet de Llobregat explain you the dangers of the periodontitis and how can put in risk the health of our organism.

It knows the dangers of the periodontitis

The illnesses periodontales are those that affect to the encías. The gingivitis is the initial phase where the plate bacteriana, derived of the rests of lunch, remains trapped among the teeth forming the sarro. If it does not treat to time, appears the periodontitis. The infection advances until the ligaments and the bone that sustains the teeth. The most usual symptoms are sangrado, inflammation and enrojecimiento gingival.

So much the gingivitis like the periodontitis can affect to the health, and worsen or be the origin of illnesses sistémicas like these:
  • Vascular alterations: the oral bacteria spend to the bloodstream being able to cause pathologies like infarcts, cardiopathies, thrombosis…
  • Respiratory illnesses: when aspiring, the bacteria that find in the mouth, spend to the respiratory tracts until arriving to the lungs and can cause pneumonia bacteriana, abscesos pulmonary, bronquitis…
  • Diabetes: The people diabéticas are thrice more susceptible to suffer illnesses periodontales and, to his time, the dangers of the periodontitis can worsen the diabetes, affecting to the control of the glucemia.
Of course, the pathologies periodontales also suppose a risk for the health bucodental. In grave cases, the destruction of the osseous support is so big that causes the loss irremediable of the dental pieces.

How we can treat the dangers of the periodontitis?

Attend to an odontólogo is fundamental to diagnose the pathology. Our dentist in Hospitalet de Llobregat will make a treatment or another according to the advance of the illnesses periodontales.

If the illness finds in an initial period, is necessary to delete the bacteria accrued by means of a professional prophylaxis. If it is more advanced, proceed to delete the guilty microorganisms of the infection employing the raspado and straightened radicular.

You do not expect to that the dangers of the periodontitis aggravate . If you note any of the symptoms that have mentioned, attends to our dental clinic in Hospitalet de Llobregat. We will be able to put him solution more easily. It asks your date!
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