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La ortodoncia invisible es la favorita
The invisible orthodontics is the favourite of our patients thanks to his multiple advantages, want to know them? It follows reading!

Why the Invisible Orthodontics is the favourite among the patients?

If you always have dreamed with having a smile ranged and beautiful but the aesthetics of the brackets supposes an impediment for you, leave us say you that in Dental Centre The Torrassa have the perfect solution for your case: we present you the Invisible Orthodontics with Invisalign.
In our clinic in L'Hospitalet de Llobregat work with the last technology and better marks in treatments ortodóncicos Want to know why the Invisible Orthodontics is the favourite of our patients? We count it to you!

Motives by which the invisible orthodontics is the favourite

The innovation and comfort that presents this aparatología removible do that it was the big preferred of our patients. The operation is very simple and effective: it acts by means of some transparent splints, extraíbles and manufactured to your just measure so that the teeth move of gradual form.
THANKS TO Invisalign, the invisible orthodontics is the favourite of our patients, especially in adults for which the aesthetics of his smile supposes a big worry. Some of the most striking advantages of this treatment are:

It is removible

The extraction of the splints supposes an extra ease to the hour to maintain correctly higienizada the orthodontics, in addition to that you will not have limitation to the lunchtime foods especially hard or sticky.

It is customised

As already we have counted you, it is designed especially to measure of your oral cavity and smile.

It is more comfortable

When treating of splints and no brackets, the Invisible Orthodontics with Invisalign will not generate you annoyances, brush or sores in the mouth.

It is transparent

One of the main motives to choose this orthodontics is his aesthetics: it is practically indetectable.

Big results

If with all what have counted you still have not convinced you of why the Invisible Orthodontics is the favourite, ensure you that in only some months from the beginning of the treatment will note resulted in your smile.

You want to know more? You do not doubt in requesting a date in Dental Centre The Torrassa. We are expert in ranging smiles. Besides, your first free visit includes plan of treatment, do not think it more! - Diseño de paginas - Guia comercial de el prat

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