You knew that it is essential to attend to reviews for the prevention of the decay?

Revisiones prevención de las caries
If it does a lot of your last visit to the dentist… Now is the moment! The best form to warn the decay is with dental reviews. No evenings in attending to your clinic of confidence!

The importance of the reviews for the prevention of the decay 

Although to a lot of people scares them visit to the dentist, make periodic reviews is the best form to avert the apparition of possible conditions before they turn grave problems and really hurtful for the health. Attend to your dental clinic of confidence in L'Hospitalet de Llobregat is the ideal way to prevent the advance of oral pathologies like the illnesses periodontales or make reviews for the prevention of the decay.

How it helps the dental review to warn the decay?

The general recommendation is to attend to your date with the odontólogo at least once a year. In addition to making a dental cleansing professional, the or the dentist will be able to study in which situation finds your oral cavity. By means of these analyses will be able to see if they exist decay incipientes before they achieve the dental pulp and cause ache, or the quantity and quality of the saliva, a protective natural against the decay.

These visits programmed, besides, consensuan of agreement to the need of each case, by what the expert can warn you that it is indispensable to revise of annual or semiannual form depending of the state of your dentition. It does not be necessary to forget that the decay is an illness multifactorial, that is to say, caused by diverse agents that acts destroying the tissues of the tooth. The reviews for the prevention of the decay are one of the most effective methods not to suffer them.

Councils to warn the decay

From Dental Centre The Torrassa want to count you which habits can assume to avert or diminish the risk of apparition of this illness.
-Have a suitable oral hygiene. It is the main council that have to fulfil. It brushes your teeth after each lunch, especially before sleeping: When we rest the salivary flow diminishes, augmenting the risk of decay.
-Complement your daily routine with the use of dental silk or brushes interproximales to ensure a correct cleansing.
-It uses toothpastes with tall content in fluorine and colutorios buccal.
-Maintain a diet balanced and healthy habits. Diminishing the consumption of foods azucarados will reduce the risk to suffer decay, especially in the case of the smallest with drinks like the juices.
-Attending to reviews with your dentist. As you already have seen, the best remedy is the prevention! From Dental Centre The Torrassa help you to maintain a correct health bucodental and give you the best councils so that you can maintain a perfect dentition from house. Call us! - Diseño de paginas - Guia comercial de el prat

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