Visit to the dentist during the pregnancy, dangerous or recommended?

visitar al dentista durante el embarazo

You are expecting a baby? Congratulations! There is not at all more beautiful that have a small that fill you the home and the heart with his smile. This yes, in this period is totally normal that assault you cientos of doubts, especially the related with your health and the one of your baby.

By this motive, and want to put end to the debate of if it is dangerous or not visiting to the dentist during the pregnancy or if, by the contrary, is recommended to attend to a dental clinic. It follows reading!

Why himself you would have to visit to the dentist during the pregnancy

We begin affirming that yes, is beneficial to visit to the dentist if you are pregnant. During this stage, the body suffers an alteration hormonal that it can affect to the state of your oral cavity. In fact, they are varied the pathologies bucodentales common in the pregnant women, by what an oral review can detect to time these conditions, averting possible complications.

When do it

In a process of growth so complex like the gestation, it is necessary to have very in account the best period to visit to the dentist during the pregnancy.
  • If suspicions that are pregnant: it is important that warn of the state in which you find you, so that it can value the case and choose in consequence the best treatment.
  • First quarter: it is not dangerous neither supposes any problem, although, this yes, are contraindicadas the X-rays.
  • Second quarter: the best moment to attend. The baby is stable and the size of the barriga still no incomoda.
  • Third quarter: neither it is dangerous for the baby, although yes you can be uncomfortable by the size. Better reduce to the indispensable.

Oral illnesses in pregnant

As we commented, it exists a main risk to develop some oral pathologies like the illnesses periodontales. In fact, the most common illness among the pregnant is the gingivitis that, of not to treat, can finish in periodontitis. Also it is very common to find decay (by the acids of the vomits and lyou antojos of sweet) or toothache (ocasionado by an inflammation of the encías).

You do not have fear in attending to the dentist. This yes, visit to one of your maximum confidence. In Dental Clinic The Torrassa can help you. It asks date. - Diseño de paginas - Guia comercial de el prat

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