We work for your security

Centro Dental La Torrassa cumple con el protocolo de seguridad que te protege a ti a nuestro equipo sanitario.
Dental centre The Torrassa fulfils with the protocol of security that protects you to you to our sanitary squad.
The Squad of Dental Centre The Torrassa have made formation of the protocols of Bioseguridad. We will be loved to be able to to resolve any doubt that can have in this regard.

We go you to inform of the steps to be followed when you have to visit us:
1. Ask previous date by telephone 934482656
  • To avert agglomerations, recommend ask his date by telephone.
2. Home, previous to the date
  • Triaje. When it make a date by telephone will have to answer a questionnaire of security.
  • Without ornaments. It do not bring clock, rings, slopes…
  • Punctuality. It was punctual do not attend before his concerted hour and in the measure of the possible attend only to the date. To guarantee the minimo contact among the patients have to maintain a capacity limited.
  • Mask. It is indispensable that attend to the date with mask and belong inside the installations with her put. Only when the professional indicate it to him will be able to remove it.
3. In reception / room of wait
  • Temperature. We will take the temperature to his arrival to the surgery.
  • Wash the hands. Will have to his disposal gel hidroalcoholico to wash the hands before and after manipulating any superfice.
  • Squads of protection. It facilitated him cap and cubrezapatos.
  • Distance of security. Will have to respect the destined spaces for the wait and maintain seated at all times until it indicate it to him the personnel.
  • Personal objects. It is advisable that for the visit bring the objects that are indispensable and before going in in the clinical area save them.
  • Without Magazines neither sodas. By security, have removed magazines, booklets, sodas, etc.
  • Without ornaments. Dental centre The Torrassa has proceeded to remove all the ornaments like flowers, childish zone, etc.
4. In clinical area / cabinet
  • It washed the hands. In the entrance of each cabinet has of a dosificador with hidroalcohol once washed the hands can not touch at all.
  • Armchair. In the main possible shortness seat without touching at all.
  • Rinse. It facilitated him a rinse so that it make it during 30 seconds.
  • Instrumental. So much the dental squads like the instrumental clinical disinfect of thorough form .
  • Cabinet disinfected. Each one of the stays are adapted with aparatología of Ozone to disinfect the environment.
  • Professionals and clinical personnel. All our sanitary squad this endowed of epis of security that will proceed to remove when ending up the act medico concada one of the patients.
In Dental centre The Torrassa work to guarantee to all our patients a sure stay in our installations.
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