It knows Dental Centre The Torrassa

Centro Dental La Torrassa lo formamos un equipo de profesionales altamente cualificado y especializado en las diferentes áreas odontológicas (CIRUGÍA, ESTÉTICA DENTAL, CONSERVADORA, ORTODONCIA, PERIODONCIA Y ODONTOPEDIATRIA).
Dental centre The Torrassa form it a squad of professionals highly qualified and specialised in the different areas odontológicas (SURGERY, DENTAL AESTHETICS, CONSERVATIVE, ORTHODONTICS, PERIODONCIA And ODONTOPEDIATRIA).

Our dental clinic in Hospitalet de Llobregat is born under the spirit of renewal, adding technological modernity and a squad of professionals that find in constant formation and update that offer the main guarantee and the most successful treatment, in addition to a near and personalised attention.

Engaged with your smile… offer you the best solution to obtain the best result in the treatment.


Profesionales Dirección

Dr. Argüelles

Implantología / Cirujía Oral / Facial Aesthetics
Profesionales Dirección

Montse García

Clinical management / human Resources

Dental The Torrassa, created in the year 2000, with the illusion and the commitment of a squad of professionals highly qualified and specialised in the different areas odontológicas. Day in day out we work with a big human squad to offer to our patients the best service, quality and excellence in all our treatments. 

We work to promote the maintenance of the health bucodental, conjuntando the minimum intervention and the treatment odontológico integral.

We devote all our knowledge to improve and stabilise the dental health of our patients with methods, diagnostics and treatments adapted to his needs, with the end to contribute the best quality asistencial and the most appropriate solution for each one of our patients.


Profesionales Empleados

Dr. Delrey

Profesionales Empleados

Dr. Rueda

Profesionales Empleados

Dr. Teixeria

Profesionales Empleados

Dr. Gollez

Odontopediatra / Aesthetic dental
Profesionales Empleados

Dr. Travé

Profesionales Empleados


Higienista Dental / Assistant Box
Profesionales Empleados

Patricia Orellana

Higienista Dental / Assistant cirujía
Profesionales Empleados

Patricia Ortega

Coordinator / Attention to the patient

The formation continued of our professionals in each one of the specialitys, makes possible that we can put to disposal of our patients the innovations in dental treatments and in last technologies. Offering the most adapted solutions to his needs bucodentales. The sanitary squad of Dental Centre The Torrassa characterises by his professionalism, human deal, engaged and customised with each one of our patients.         

"We work to create smiles... We are happy doing happy to our patients" 

Where are?

Dental centre The Torrassa is situated in the district of the Torrassa, Spanish Square 3 of L'Hospitalet de Llobregat. The communication to access to the dental centre in Hospitalet de Llobregat is excellent, since the season of metre L5 (Market of Collblanc) and the season L1 (The Torrassa) find to some minutes on foot.

The dental centre in Hospitalet is also near of the Catalan Railways (l'Hospitalet – Avda. Carrilet) Where stop all the lines that go to the Baix of Llobregat (R5, R6, S33, S4, S8) and a big number of buses, so much of the TBM 79 110, like interurbanos of the lines L12 and L52. - Diseño de paginas - Guia comercial de el prat

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