Implants and prosthesis of immediate load

Colocación de implantes y prótesis inmediata en 48 horas
Placing of implants and immediate prosthesis in 48 hours
One of the main worries of a patient to the hour to put an implant is the time that will have to be without one or several teeth. However, in The Torrassa, your dentist in Hospitalet, will be able to have a complete smile from the first day thanks to the implants of immediate load.
In a treatment of dental implant, since it plants the bolt until we can put the new dental piece, have to expect to that it finalise a process of osteointegración of the implant, that usually takes 3 months. But, with the implants of immediate load can insert the bolt and plant the provisional crown in the same date.
Therefore, the main advantage to opt by this treatment is that the person conserves the functionality and aesthetic of his smile until the bone has cicatrizado completely. Once passed this time, substitute the provisional piece by a fixed.
Besides, in our dental clinic in Hospitalet, combine these implants with surgery guided by computer, an innovative technician in the world of the Odontology that allows us insert the bolt of a much more precise form , less invasiva and with a posoperatorio much more comfortable for our patients.
Who can resort to the implants of immediate load?

It is essential that the patient have a suitable health bucodental, that is to say, have bone in quantity and sufficient quality, not suffering illnesses periodontales neither bruxismo, and have a correct occlusion. 
 What taken care and risks have the implants of immediate load?

The provisional prosthesis allows to do normal life and, therefore, chew with normality. However, during the following days to the operation is advisable to follow a soft diet. Also it is vital that extreme the hygiene of his mouth during the back months to the intervention.

You want to go back to smile in little time? The implants of immediate load can be the solution that are looking for. It asks date! - Diseño de paginas - Guia comercial de el prat

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