Dental aesthetics

Si deseas rejuvenecer tu sonrisa o simplemente mejorar el color de tus dientes
If you wish to rejuvenate your smile or simply improve the colour of your teeth
We know that a healthy and beautiful smile is very important for the security and confidence of the people. Therefore, the investigation in Odontology, allocates a lot of means to improve the quality of the treatments and to develop new methods to take care the appearance of the smile.

The Dental Aesthetics is in continuous development and, in our dental clinic in Hospitalet, has turn a speciality. Our aim is to satisfy the needs of our patients so that luzcan a healthy mouth and with a more harmonic and aesthetic appearance, always with a natural result. For this, put to disposal of our patient treatments of carillas and blanqueamiento dental.

Our experts in dental aesthetics in Hospitalet make a studio of your smile so that you achieve a resulted chord to your expectations. It knows the treatments crashes that we can offer you in The Torrassa:

Carillas Dental of tall range

They are a fine ceramic plate of thickness very fine, that plants by means of an adhesive or special cement on the expensive forward of the tooth, of definite and hermetical way. His main advantage is the preservation of the tissue dentario, since in the majority of the cases does not require wear of the dental structure. Once placed, are resistant and the patient does not note that it spends them put.

They remain natural the carillas dental?

Our experts in dental aesthetics make a personalised design that adapts to the form of the face, the lips and encías of the patient. Once planted the carilla, feels and works on the tooth with full naturalidad adapting to perfection.

Which aesthetic problems solve the carillas?

The carillas correct anomalies in the form, dental alignment and the colour of the dental pieces, improving notably the dental aesthetics.

They are resistant the carillas dental?

They are very durable to the step of the time, as the ceramics characterises by his tall resistance to the wear, natural finishing, shine, and is not a porous material, by what does not change of colour. The carillas of materials more resistant and taking care them adequately can last until 20 years.

Blanqueamiento Dental

The step of the years reflects in our teeth, since some foods and habits of life do that they purchase a yellowish colour or that appear stains. Your dentist in Hospitalet will help you to rejuvenate your smile recovering the tone of enamel of your teeth and deleted the stains produced by the tobacco or the consumption of foods and drunk so that luzcas a radiant smile.

They are sure the blanqueamientos dental?

The blanqueamientos dental made and supervised by a specialist do not damage the teeth. Anybody better that a professional to advise us on if really we need this type of treatment and, in the case to be like this, which will be the method to be followed. However, the blanqueamientos dental owners without supervision of a professional suppose a big risk for the health bucodental of the patient.

You are thinking in improving the appearance of your smile? In Dental Centre The Torrassa have excellent professionals and the most innovative technicians in dental aesthetics. They see and we will advise you! - Diseño de paginas - Guia comercial de el prat

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