Dental implants

Nuestro centro en Hospitalet está especializado en colocar implantes dentales con cirugía mínimamente invasiva.
Our centre in Hospitalet is specialised in planting dental implants with surgery mínimamente invasiva.
The implantología is one of the most acclaimed specialitys in The Torrassa, your dental clinic of confidence in Hospitalet. THANKS TO our experience in this fundamental discipline of the Odontology, offer you solutions of last technology like the dental implants of immediate load, the implants All on Four and the surgery guided, an authentic revolution in this field.

The dental implants substitute to the original pieces with a very natural finishing and with the maximum functionality. We make his placing by means of a simple intervention, with surgery mínimamente invasiva and with excellent results on a long-term basis thanks to the materials of tall quality that employ.
The dental implant is a bolt made in pure titanium that has been subjected to a special treatment so that it integrate with the bone of the jaw. It treats of a prosthesis biocompatible, subjected to the most severe sanitary controls.

There is different types of prosthesis, so much fixed like removibles, that can make and schedule with the specialist in a previous process to his placing. In The Torrassa, your dentist in Hospitalet, have the newest treatments in implantología.

Implants All on Four

They are a profitable solution for the patient that provides a fixed prosthesis of complete arcade. His advantages are:
  • Rehabilitation of complete arcade with alone four implants, two implants in the anterior part and two in the backside.
  • Can plant the same day of the surgery in all the patients that fulfil the requirements for implants with immediate load.
  • It averts the injerto of bone bending the back implants using the available bone. 

How it is a treatment of dental implants?

The first step comprises the realisation of a studio to be able to facilitate a diagnostic with the skilled professional and like this be able to offer him the solution that better adapt to his clinical needs.

Second, our specialists in dental implants in Hospitalet proceed to his placing. In a lot of cases can plant the implant in the same moment of the extraction, according to the criterion of the skilled professional.

Finally, we plant the prosthesis after 3 or 4 months from the surgery. It is the necessary time to allow the integration of the implant to the bone.

What are the implants of immediate load?

THANKS TO this system, can plant a provisional fixed tooth on of any implant the same day of the surgery. This make to enjoy of a functional and aesthetic smile just after subjecting to an intervention, without having to expect several months to have the complete smile.

What is the surgery guided?

It consists in creating a model 3D exact of the mouth of the patient, like this the surgeon can simulate the operation in the computer, and plant the implants in the optimum position to achieve an aesthetics and perfect function. This allows to make a surgery mínimamente invasiva and a postoperatorio more comfortable.

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