Educar y cuidar la salud bucal desde la temprana edad es necesario
Educate and take care the buccal health from the early age is necessary
In the area of the odontopediatría warn and take care of the health bucodental from the birth until the adolescence. The odontopediatría concerns the provision of preventive and therapeutic cares for the buccal health of the boy.
We take care And we WARN FROM THE INFANCY
Our squad of specialists in odontopediatría in Hospitalet will commission of:
  • Detect precozmente the anomalies in the position of the jawbones to remit the patient to the ortodoncista or surgeon.
  • Detect the bad habits with the end of reeducarlos.
  • Make treatments restorers in case of dental decay or sealed to warn future pathologies.
  • Inform on the procedures of oral hygiene to achieve a healthy growth of the buccal cavity.
  • The technicians demanded and scientific requests are particular and have specialists that have of some knowledges and boarding suitable for the childish age.

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