Permite corregir las posibles anomalías funcionales. Gracias a la ortodoncia tendrás una sonrisa perfecta.

It allows to correct the possible functional anomalies. THANKS TO the orthodontics will have a perfect smile.

The orthodontics is the speciality that commissions to study, warn, diagnose and make the most adapted treatment to correct the different anomalies of form, position, relation or function of the structures dentomaxilofaciales.
In Dental Centre The Torrassa, our dental clinic in Hospitalet, offer to our patients all the technicians of treatments ortodónticos that there is in the actuality. We work with the last technology in orthodontics and with materials of first quality to be able to guarantee the technician that better adapt to your needs. It does not import the age that have, have the orthodontics that better adapts to you.
It discovers all our treatments of Orthodontics in Hospitalet and boasts of healthy and beautiful smile.

Invisible orthodontics: Invisalign

It is the method of orthodontics more innovative that offers the market. It treats of a system of alineadores transparent and extraíbles. His main advantages are the following:
  • The alineadores are invisible, by what guarantee the maximum aesthetic discretion.
  • When being extraíbles, the own patient can remove them before the lunches, what facilitates his brushed and cleansing.
  • His efficiency is the same that the one of a traditional orthodontics.
Brackets Aesthetic

They are the evolution of the brackets traditional. They fulfil the same function, but are manufactured with materials that integrate with the colour of the teeth, what offers a much more aesthetic appearance being equal of effective. They can be of ceramics, of zirconio or of crystal of sapphire.

Brackets Metallic

They are the more traditional and popular option of orthodontics for being effective and economic, but also are the less aesthetic.
How much hard a treatment of orthodontics?

The length of the treatment depend the pathology to treat and has to be indicated by the odontólogo. Generally, the majority of the treatments last among 12 and 24 months. Our dentist in Hospitalet will say you the approximate length in the first visit.

Which advantages offers me Invisalign in front of a traditional orthodontics?

The final result that offer both orthodontics is equivalent, since Invisalign is indicated to resolve the same type of oral pathologies that an orthodontics with brackets metallic. However, the system of alineadores transparent has two fundamental advantages: the aesthetic discretion that provides and the fact to be extraíble. This does that the cleansing bucodental daily was more comfortable.

The treatment of invisible orthodontics is longer?

The invisible orthodontics requires that the alineadores spend put among 22 and 23 hours to the day and only remove it to eat and wash the teeth. If this fulfils , the period of use is not main that the one of the brackets traditional.

The invisible orthodontics damages the buccal mucosa?

This type of orthodontics is manufactured with a thermoplastic material customised for each patient and that adapts to perfection, therefore, does not give place to the apparition of wounds like himself sucede with the traditional orthodontics.

Our squad of odontólogos will find the solution that your smile deserves Want to improve your quality of life!
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