Tratamos y curamos la inflamación de las encías
We treat and we cure the inflammation of the encías
Although the main part of the population the desconozca, the illness peridontal is the first cause of loss dentaria in the population adult.

The sangrado is one of the most frequent symptoms of the inflammation of the encías but no always self-evident. It is usual that the people smokers do not present sangrado.

To make the diagnostic is indispensable the use of the probe periodontal. This probe will measure the depth of the stock exchange periodontal, determining by means of his recorded milimetrado the gravity of the inflammation and the loss of existent bone.
The odontólogo in addition to ascertaining the presence of stock exchanges, will analyse if it exists mobility dentaria, recession of encías, etc.

The specialists in periodoncia in Hospitalet of Dental Centre The Torrassa will evaluate a good diagnostic to have the information radiológica suitable.

Once made the diagnostic, will proceed to communicate to the patient the plan of treatment more adapted to correct his situation. - Diseño de paginas - Guia comercial de el prat

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