Blanqueamiento Dental Laser

Blanqueamiento láser en L’Hospitalet
The blanqueamiento dental is one of the treatments odontológicos more requested in our dental clinic in L'Hospitalet. It consists in clearing the tone of the teeth, to achieve a whiter smile, improving his aesthetics, deleting the possible stains and with a natural result.

In Dental Centre The Torrassa are to the avant-garde in technology, therefore we have the blanqueamiento dental laser. The light laser uses to actuate the gel blanqueador that absorbs the energy of the light and penetrates in the enamel of the teeth to augment the effect blanqueante in the same.

How it is the procedure?

Before making our blanqueamiento laser in L'Hospitalet, ensure us that the patient has a good health bucodental. We make a studio of the oral cavity and correct the possible pathologies, like illnesses periodontales or decay. Also we make a dental hygiene to delete the plate and can act on a mouth higienizada.

To the hour to make the blanqueamiento laser, apply a gel of peroxide of hydrogen in the surface of the teeth. This gel, actuated by the laser, releases free radicals that penetrate through the dental enamel and arrive to the molecules pigmentadas of the teeth, responsible of the stains and of his yellowish colouring. Finally they delete all the rests of the gel blanqueador. The result is a whiter smile and without stains.

Frequent questions


The blanqueamiento, produces sensibility?

Generally no, but there are occasions in that it produces a sensibility passenger that dissipates passed some days.

The blanqueamientos home-made are effective?

The gel blanqueador is a concentration of peroxide of hydrogen that, by law, can not be main to 0,1 in these home-made products. And, by this motive, do not result effective. Therefore we recommend you act with caution and trust a professional. The blanqueamiento dental is a procedure odontológico and, as such, has to be supervised by a qualified specialist. - Diseño de paginas - Guia comercial de el prat

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