Design of smile in L'Hospitalet

Diseño de sonrisa en L’Hospitalet
The dental aesthetics is one of the branches of the most sued odontology in the actuality, therefore, in our dental clinic in L'Hospitalet, have technologies of last generation to achieve aesthetic and natural results. Among them it stands out the design of smile, a digital software that allows to schedule and re-create digitally the treatment to the that goes to subject the patient.

In what consists the design of smile?

The software of design of smile works like a complement for our dentist in L'Hospitalet in procedures, mainly, of dental aesthetics and implantología. With these treatments can modify the colour, the form, the size and the position of the teeth. It allows us study a main number of possibilities and does that the treatment was more effective and predictable because the professional has main control.

One of the main advantages of the design of smile in L'Hospitalet is that it gives us a very realistic vision of how goes to be the final smile before beginning the treatment, like this guarantee a functional and aesthetic result in accordance with the preferences of the patient.

Besides, through this studio, can analyse the mouth of the patient taking into account essential appearances like his shots and proportions. The aim of these measurements is to achieve a harmonic result for his face.

Frequent questions


When it employs the design of smile?

Can use in a lot of treatments, but employs fundamentally in the placing of carillas aesthetic (of china or composite),of dental implants and in treatments of orthodontics.

How it is the procedure?

The dentist makes several photographs of the face and the smile with different perspectives. You are images move to the software where can begin to schedule the treatment, make a wide studio of the dental pieces and do marks and annotations. Once completed this process, teach the future result to the patient. - Diseño de paginas - Guia comercial de el prat

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