Scanner intraoral

Escáner intraoral
In our Dental Clinic in Hospitalet think that is fundamental to incorporate the new technologies to the daily practice. The technological advances facilitate the diagnostic, do more predictable the treatments and improve the efficiency of the results. Therefore, in our centre have scanner intraoral, what contributes big advantages so much for the patient as for the odontólogo.

The scanner intraoral allows us make digital impressions in 3D of the oral cavity of the patient. To make the scan, use a pencil, with a camera incorporated, that visits all the mouth, and goes registering all the resultant images of automatic and instantaneous form.
This instrument helps to our squad to make diagnostics more exhaustive and to decide the treatment odontológico more adapted according to the needs of each patient. We employ it mainly in orthodontics, implantología and dental prostheses, but also allows to solve complications much simpler or daily, like treating the gingival conditions and brake the progress of the decay.

Therefore, thanks to this device, is much simpler can prepare treatments more precise and personalised.

It results uncomfortable for the patient?

On the contrary. Our service of scanner intraoral in Hospitalet supposes an advance in comfort and comfort for the patient, as we delete the use of pastes to take measures of the mouth. Besides, it contributes precision in these measures and allows to begin the treatment with more rapidity.

How I have to prepare me before the scanner?

It treats of a totally painless procedure that makes in the same salita of surgery. As it does not issue any type of radiation, is a sure proof that does not require any type of previous preparation. It is a totally clean proof, that does not leave rests in the mouth. Simply you will have to follow the indications of your dentist in Hospitalet. - Diseño de paginas - Guia comercial de el prat

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