Ortopantomografía In L'Hospitalet

Ortopantomografía en L’Hospitalet
An ortopantomografía, also known like OPG or panoramic X-ray, is a type of X-ray that provides a wide vision of the inferior part of the face. It can show all the teeth of both jaws in an alone plate, including those that still do not have erupcionado, as you grind them of the trial. Also we can observe the jaw and the articulation temporomandibular, that connects the jaw and the skull.

In what consists a X-ray OPG?

The procedure for the dental panoramic X-ray consists in that the patient lean his chin in a small shelf in front of the machine of X-rays and bite softly on a barren filter. This will maintain the head and the firm mouth while they take the images. The arm of the machine turns around the head of the patient to capture the image of the mouth and of the jaw.

In our dental clinic in L'Hospitalet employ this type of X-ray when we want to analyse in depth the anatomical elements of the teeth and possible illnesses. It allows us observe:
  • The position of the roots.
  • The presence of grind of the trial.
  • The fault of some tooth (agenesia dental).
  • Oral conditions like the decays or any another process infeccioso.

Frequent questions


In which treatments uses the X-ray OPG?

It treats of a type of X-ray that allows to the dentist see all the teeth of the patient and determine his number, position and growth. Therefore, we can employ this X-ray for treatments of orthodontics, evaluate grind them of the trial, examine the jaw or obtain an overview of the health bucodental of the patient.

How I have to prepare me for this X-ray?

To the equal that with all the X-rays, our dentist in L'Hospitalet will ask to the patient that remove any jewel, glasses or other metallic objects before the exploration, since they can affect to the images. The procedure makes very quickly, does not feel any annoyance and afterwards can continue with the daily routine.
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