Rich plasma in platelets in L'Hospitalet

Plasma rico en plaquetas en L’Hospitalet
The odontology is in constant advance and investigation to offer new and better options to our patients. In our dental clinic in L'Hospitalet, have the last technology in osseous regeneration and of the soft tissues: the rich plasma in platelets.

It is technician consists in isolating of the blood the proteins commissioned of the cicatrisation of the wounds and of the regeneration of the tissues. Once applied in the zone to treat, the process of regeneration improves and accelerates of natural form.

In which treatments uses ?

  • Dental extractions: when removing a tooth leave a space that if we fill up with plasma will achieve a release of proteins and factors of growth, that will improve the regeneration of the bone and will attain a faster cicatrisation of the encía.
  • Dental implants: The rich plasma in platelets improves the osteointegración of the dental implants. Before the placing of the implant, apply plasma for what this fix better and accelerate the process of cicatrisation. We augment like this the percentage of success of the treatment with dental implants.
  • Treatments of the articulation temporomandibular or ATM: the plasma also allows us treat problems in the articulation that joins the skull with the jaw.

Frequent questions


Has some contraindication?

At all. When being plasma extracted of the own patient, is not toxic neither inmunorreactivo for the same.

How it obtains the rich plasma in platelets?

It obtains of the blood of the patient, taking a sample by punción venous in the own surgery. Later centrifuga to separate the distinct components. A portion of the centrifugado contains platelets that are the cells that participate in the coagulation.

Which advantages has?

The application of rich plasma in platelets in L'Hospitalet has numerous advantages for the patient:
  • It accelerates the osseous reparation and the cicatrisation of the wounds.
  • It reduces the inflammation and the local ache.
  • It shortens the times of recovery. - Diseño de paginas - Guia comercial de el prat

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