Conscious sedation

Sedación consciente
The fear to the dentistto is one of the main barriers to the hour to attend to a centre odontológico. This fact repercute negatively in the health bucodental since, those who suffer it, avert to attend to the review with his dentist and can appear or aggravate the oral pathologies. One of the methods that contributes a solution is the conscious sedation.
Our experts explain you in what consists our technician of Conscious Sedation in Hospitalet:
It treats of a very effective method so that the person does not seat nerves and fear when it attends to the dentist. It is a technician that applies of intravenous way and that has like aim facilitate the relaxation of the patients.
We employ it in people that feel a tall level of stress, fear and anxiety when they have to subject to a treatment odontológico. The patient will be conscious during all the dental procedure, but much more relaxed, will have feeling of welfare and will avert the worry.
Although the most common is to use it in the surgeries of dental implants, in our dental clinic in Hospitalet can apply it in any treatment that generate anxiety to the patient, therefore it also is very requested in the extractions of grind and in the endodontics.
Which is the difference among the sedation and the anaesthesia?

The local anaesthesia has like mission achieve the temporary loss of the touch and ache, whereas the sedación relaxes and calm to the patient. His aims are different and, therefore, are complementary. The dentist can use the first to avert the ache and the second to reassure to the patient.

How are if I am apt for the conscious sedation?

The patient has a date preoperatoria with his dentist in Hospitalet to ensure us that it is apt. We make the necessary proofs as they are: questions on his general health, a proof of coagulation and an electrocardiograma.

No demores more the treatment that so much need. With the conscious sedation has arrived the hour say him goodbye to the fear to the dentist. Contact us! - Diseño de paginas - Guia comercial de el prat

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